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2015-09-11 01:13:03 by Kaizachii

  So it's been quiet a while since I have kept my account active and since then I have accumulated quiet a fewprojects that I had 'Initially' created for the sake of practicing and testing stuff out.

  It's for this reason that I was reluctant to put these videos up. Over the time, a few have been leaked and some other have been lost in the vacuum of time. However ever since, I have had a slight change of heart on how I view sharing some of these with the world and on an overall have decided to publicly submit these perhaps showcasing my developement over the years.

 During my time away I had also been very occupied with school and life in general, most times leaving no room toactually work on "Complete" projects.So finally as I come to my conclusion, I have chosen to upload my old videos first leading up to my latest works allowing me enough time to work on some new projects hopefuly of which I can complete. 

  So until that time comes I hope you enjoy my Old sprite animation vault and I apologize to those of you whose messages did not get through to me or I was unable to reply to during my absence.



2010-04-16 01:05:48 by Kaizachii

Yeeeeeeeeaaaaah, so kenkeichii amde another account and his name is Kaizachii hope u guys dont get confused.

Old Account

To be honest with you all, Kenkeichii wasnt realy an original name, and at the time I just ahd to go with the flow, but now that I had time to think about a good name, I have have decided to change my name for hopefully the LAST TIME. =/


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